Is Prime Drink Available at ASDA? Here’s What We Have Found

Are you a fan of Prime drink, the new sports drink range promoted by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI? If you’re wondering where you can find Prime drink in the UK, you may have heard that it’s only available at ASDA and Arsenal stadium. But is that really the case?

In this article, we’ll explore the availability of Prime drink in ASDA and other retailers in the UK.

The Hype Surrounding Prime Drink

Prime drink has been creating a buzz on social media, thanks to the promotion by Logan Paul and KSI. The drink range includes sports drinks, drink mixes, and energy drinks created and marketed by Prime Hydration, LLC.

It was launched in 2022 and since then, there has been a lot of hype around it.

The drink range has been promoted through mainstream sports sponsorship deals and is available in some stores in the UK.

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Where Can You Find Prime Drink?

According to the website, GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe stores carry prime drink in your area. However, during the writing of this article, PRIME DRINK has not been available to any of the stores. PRIME is not available in all stores near me.

However, some places you could check for Prime drink in your area include Whole Foods Market, specialty beverage stores like BevMax, and online retailers such as Amazon and Drizly. You can also visit the Prime drink website to find a list of local retailers where you can purchase their products.

Before we dive into where you can find Prime Drink in the UK, let’s take a closer look at why it’s so hard to come by in stores.

As KSI mentioned, the only place you’re supposed to find Prime Drink is ASDA and Arsenal stadium, but people are getting it at petrol stations as well.

The reason for this shortage is unclear, but it could be due to a high demand for the product, supply chain issues, or production delays. This is what KSI had said during an episode of The Fellas podcast, the British entertainer got on the topic of PRIME, where he explained why it’s so hard to find the drink in stores in UK. “It’s always sold out man. Honestly, people are selling it on the black market,” he claimed. “I sh*t you not, the only place you’re meant to get PRIME is ASDA and Arsenal stadium. But people are getting it at petrol stations!

For now your best bet is to order online. below are the stores prime drink is available right now:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • OnBuy
  • Metro Market

Is Prime Drink Available at ASDA?

So, can you buy Prime drink at ASDA?

As of writing this article (April 2023) The answer is not, it’s not available right now but as KSI had said, they are trying their best to keep up with the demand. We have our fingers crossed for ASDA to stock prime drink very soon.

As per KSI, Asda is one of the places where Prime drink is supposed to be available, but it seems like the drink range is not always in stock at the store.

People have reported that they have been able to find Prime drink at petrol stations and other retailers, even though they are not officially listed as Prime drink retailers like ASDA.

As of now, it’s unclear why Prime drink is in short supply or why it’s not always available at ASDA. It could be due to production delays or supply chain issues, as is often the case with new products.

It’s also possible that the high demand for the drink is causing it to sell out quickly. Whatever the reason may be, if you’re looking to try Prime drink, it’s best to check with your local ASDA store to see if they have it in stock.

Alternatively, you could check other retailers or order it online.


While it is currently difficult to find in physical stores like ASDA, it is available through online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, OnBuy, and Metro Market.

While KSI mentioned that the only places where Prime Drink is supposed to be sold are ASDA and Arsenal stadium, it is not currently available in all stores near us.

However, this shortage could be due to high demand, supply chain issues, or production delays.

Overall, Prime Drink offers a range of options for those seeking a sports drink with added benefits and can be found through various online retailers.

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